Semi Plug and Play Remote Start for 2003-2006, 2007 Classic Body Chevrolet,GMC,Cadillac Full Size 1500,2500,3500

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Semi plug and play solution for 2003-2006 and 2007 Classic body style GM full size trucks and SUV.

  • Compatible with 2007 CLASSIC BODY STYLE
  • Semi plug and play with a color coded primary wiring harness.(Ignition harness matches OEM ignition colors)
  • Supports OEM remote activation (3xLock) for control by oem remote only.
  • Uses data communication with vehicle to eliminate excessive wiring connections.
  • Gasoline or Diesel compatible***
  • All wires terminated and labeled (Wires terminated with insulated male slide on connectors that connect to supplied 3m T-Taps)
  • Heated seat and rear defroster control enabled (can activate heated seats on cold remote starts)
  • Video examples of all connections on YouTube at channel warmcarnow
  • Offered with multiple controller configurations.
  • Hand assembled and bench tested
  • Fully flash programmed and configured by a pro installer.
  • Everything included to complete installation (no additional parts needed). Connectors and wire ties are included.
  • Offered with single button 1-way, multi button 1-way, LCD 2-way, and smartphone controlled****

Install example: Installation example Crimestopper product information here: RS-1, RS-4, RS-7 Product specs and info MYCAR Info here: MYCAR SMARTPHONE CONTROLLER Use option menu selections below to configure you system: MYCAR APP can be added to all configurations.

Semi plug and play remote start system that activates from the existing OEM remote (3X lock) (3X Lock remote start activation is NOT available on Trailblazer or Envoy) or the selected controller of your choice. Remote starting system is configured for simplified installation. System controls Locking and unlocking of vehicle doors and releasing of rear hatch or trunk.* System will control remote starting of vehicle with a programmable run time set for 20 minutes. Item will activate heat or air conditioning.** Remote start system will activate heated seats and rear defroster when outside temperatures dip below Programmed thresh hold. System uses a module that communicates with the vehicle to send and receive data from the vehicles ECM. Data communication enables the system to control and monitor several different vehicle functions by making one connection at the vehicles diagnostic plug connector. This system has a color coded primary wiring output that matches the OEM wire colors. All secondary outputs can be found and identified using our YouTube videos making this a simplified solution. This system offers full Diesel compatibility.*** This semi plug and play solution was created to replace our previous system that had a ignition T-Harness. The former ignition plug is no longer manufactured so this system will replace it with 6 additional connections that match the items primary harness in color. The controller choices vary and include a single button 1 way remote for basic remote start operation. The system can be paired with  one-way multi-button controllers that include Keyless entry, trunk or hatch release and panic features. Our two-way solution solution includes a 2-way LCD display that communicates with the vehicle confirming commands are received by the remote start system. Smartphone solution is also available using MYCAR Smart Phone Interface. Assembly and configuration of the smartphone controlled system will include all parts and equipment to control and monitor your vehicle from a compatible smart phone. Commands can be sent and confirmed using the MYCAR app.

All system variations require 2-4 Day assembly time and ship by priority mail.

* Vehicle must have OEM trunk or hatch

** Heat or air conditioning must be left in the on position before shutting the vehicle off.

*** Diesel installation require 2 additional connections, glow plug and tachometer, located behind the instrument cluster.

**** Smartphone controlled systems require a subscription service (First year included, $39.99 each additional year)


Cadillac Escalade or EXT 2003-2006, Chevrolet Avalanche 2003-2006, Chevrolet Silverado C/K 1500,2500,3500 2003-2006, Chevrolet Trail Blazer 2002-2005, Chevrolet Tahoe 2003-2006, Chevrolet Suburban 2003-2006, Chevrolet Silverado Classic body style 2007, GMC Sierra C/K 1500, 2500, 3500 2003-2006, GMC Sierra C/K 2007 Classic Body Style, GMC Yukon Denali 2003-2006, GMC Envoy 2002-2005


Gasoline, Diesel


RS-1 (Single Button 1-way), RS-4 (Multi Button 1-way), RS-7 (LCD 2-way multi Button)

7 reviews for Semi Plug and Play Remote Start for 2003-2006, 2007 Classic Body Chevrolet,GMC,Cadillac Full Size 1500,2500,3500

  1. jmills187 (verified owner)

    well at first I was hesitant to do this myself, but let me say this was way too easy! the paper instructions were worthless in my hands! his youtube video made this process so easy that all i used of the required paperwork was the wiring colors so I knew i was on the right track. only thing this needs is a small after video to show where he mounts the small box for the remote start and any tips and tricks of tucking wires for the antenna. nothing I could not figure out and get resolved. started at 8am and was finished by 10:30 taking breaks to verify the video with my install and 2 cups of coffee. make sure you find the video with the install WITHOUT the T harness. I could install these every weekend!
    Thanks goes out to Warmcarnow on youtube. wouldnt regret doing this again!

  2. jub_xiong (verified owner)

    Very easy to install. Watch his YouTube how-to and just remember the brake wire and the OBD-II port wire. Everything else color for color. If it’s optional, he has it labeled optional.

  3. forrest (verified owner)

    I have purchased a couple of these setups for my work truck and they are amazing. I just recently added the mycar smartphone controller and that makes it even better. I can have control of all my trucks and grant access to each one individually. Very easy to install. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a remote start setup.

  4. caddyman1986 (verified owner)

    Very easy install, the video helped so much made it go by very fast. Found all the right wires to plug into easy. Also the kit included extras of zip ties and electrical taps just in case which was very nice, as sometimes mistakes happen. My install went very well the first time and honestly the longest part was packing up all the wires neatly. I tucked mine right behind the fuse side box on top of a computer there worked out well. Thanks again you made this easy and very affordable! I purchased without an account so had to make this account just to write a review because everything turned out so great!

  5. s.rericha73 (verified owner)

    Pretty easy install. Works just like it supposed to. I watched his YouTube videos several times and made notes of wire colors from them. The hardest part was finding my brake wire. Definitely need a test light. And make sure you get all the plugs back in before you try and use the system.

  6. ob.rivera85 (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how easy this was videos take you step by step. I have an 03 Yukon Denali and I selected the RS-4 model, so with mine I had a wrong wire connected (brake wire) due to my electric movable pedals but it was quickly solved with the side panel fuse box locating the brake wire. (Baby blue wire within the orange plug) When I tested everything it was golden!!! I’m super happy and satisfied with the product and the gentleman was quick to respond to assist me with my issue in locating the correct wire. Kudos for great customer service and swift response. Thanks again for this amazing product at a great price!!! Definitely would recommend to everyone!!!!

  7. K9Rayne (verified owner)

    I ordered this unit and it arrived with the power wires all ready to go and all bundled nicely. Only issue I really had was the extra pigtail that hooked to the break, lights, OBD port and horn were not labeled. The online video instructions do not reference these colors except for the orange wire, but if u actually pay attention to the instructional video you can clearly see what color goes where. The install was SUPER EASY!!!!!! It literally took me longer to take the dash apart and put it back together then the actual install. If your vehicle doesn’t have a remote start I HIGHLY recommend this product!!!

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