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  • Semi Plug and Play Remote Start System for 2016 -2017 TOYOTA TACOMA H key. (Key must have the letter H engraved on the blade). Remote start system includes an assembled and configured EVO-ONE remote start module with built in bypass module. Remote start and bypass module are configured and programmed before shipping. All option programming and flash programming are completed. all wires are terminated with connectors and labeled for installation ease. All kits contain all parts required to successfully complete the installation. Kit is designed for Do It Yourself Installation. Remote start can be triggered by locking the doors with the OEM remote 3 times. Remote start kit is assembled and can be paired with a custom configured ignition plug to allow direct plug in connection to the vehicles ignition. There are 6-8 standard connections that must be made in addition to plugging in the main ignition plug. The system can be purchased in 4 variations: SEE COMPLETE DESCRIPTION BELOW.

    Link to 2016-2017 TOYOTA TACOMA (H-KEY) insallation video

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  • The EVO-CHRT4 is the ultimate DIY Plug and play remote start solution. 3X lock remote starting is supported.

    • Activate remote start feature by locking the doors 3 times or press LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK with the *Existing OEM remote.
    • Add optional controllers for long range starting. (1 & 2 way or Smartphone controllers and also retain the ability to activate from *Existing OEM remotes)
    • Add Telematic Smartphone controller with ***MYCAR app.
    • Configured and flash programmed based on your selections for (**REMOVE FROM THE BOX AND PLUG IN INSTALLATION.)  Eliminates incorrect programming and configuration.
    • Requires no special tools or programmers ( Plug in connections that can be installed in minutes with basic hand tools.)
    • Includes Pre-Configured OEM Style T-Harness assembly and Flash Programmed EVO-ALL (Direct fit OEM Plugs)
    • All controllers plug directly into the T-Harness. (All controllers are plugged in before shipping to eliminate incorrect configuration.)
    • Includes wire ties and connectors. (Connectors not required on all applications.)
    • Use menu selections to input your vehicle for compatibility. ( If vehicle is not a selection the Item is not compatible.)
    • Select the controller of choice. (Select None for *Existing OEM remote activation only.)
    • Pricing and Product Information will be displayed.

    *  No remote supplied uses Existing OEM REMOTES.

    ** Item fully assembled and install ready.

    *** MYCAR app is a subscription service. (Click Here for MYCAR Information)

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    Semi plug and play solution for 2003-2006 and 2007 Classic body style GM full size trucks and SUV.

    • Compatible with 2007 CLASSIC BODY STYLE
    • Semi plug and play with a color coded primary wiring harness.(Ignition harness matches OEM ignition colors)
    • Supports OEM remote activation (3xLock) for control by oem remote only.
    • TELEMATIC PORT ****SMART PHONE COMPATIBLE**** (Direct plug in using MYCAR APP)
    • Uses data communication with vehicle to eliminate excessive wiring connections.
    • Gasoline or Diesel compatible***
    • All wires terminated and labeled (Wires terminated with insulated male slide on connectors that connect to supplied 3m T-Taps)
    • Heated seat and rear defroster control enabled (can activate heated seats on cold remote starts)
    • Video examples of all connections on YouTube at channel warmcarnow
    • Offered with multiple controller configurations.
    • Hand assembled and bench tested
    • Fully flash programmed and configured by a pro installer.
    • Everything included to complete installation (no additional parts needed). Connectors and wire ties are included.
    • Offered with single button 1-way, multi button 1-way, LCD 2-way, and smartphone controlled****

    Install example: Installation example Crimestopper product information here: RS-1, RS-4, RS-7 Product specs and info MYCAR Info here: MYCAR SMARTPHONE CONTROLLER Use option menu selections below to configure you system: MYCAR APP can be added to all configurations.

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