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The REVO is a add-on RF antenna kit to be added to either a Fortin or ADS integration module. This system has the decoder to communicate between the transmitters and the integration module built-in to the antenna itself. No extra parts will be needed to add transmitters to the integration module. The revo antenna kit is used to upgrade a stand alone remote starting system. The Revo RF antenna kit allows the addition of Crimestopper remotes to control a stand alone remote starting system. A stand alone remote starting system uses the OEM remotes to trigger remote starting by pressing lock 3 times to start the vehicle. Systems that activate by the OEM remote do not have range above 200ft. The REVO RF antenna kit will increase range up to 1000ft.

The REVO RF antenna kit can be purchased in 3 Variations:

  • Single Button (1-way, activates remote start only)
  • Three Button (1-way, Lock, Unlock, Activate remote start) NOTE: Also controls power sliding doors on select applications.
  • Four Button (1-way, Lock, Unlock, Trunk/Hatch release, Activate remote start) NOTE: Also controls power sliding doors on select applications.




Single button 1-way (2 Single button remotes used to activate remote start only), 3 Button 1-way (2 Three button remotes used to Lock/Unlock and activate remote start ), 4 Button 1-way (2 Four button remotes used to Lock/Unlock, Release trunk/hatch and activate remote start ), Fortin RF642W, (Two 2-way LED Remotes 3000ft)


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