honda plug and play
2003-2007 Honda Accord Semi Plug and Play Remote Start Kit.

2005 Honda remote start system includes:

  • Custom made T-Harness assembly.
  • Crimestopper G5 Control unit. (Correct Options programmed Before Shipping)
  • Idatalink ADS-DL (Flash programmed for Application)
  • All Connectors that are required to complete installation.
  • Wire Ties
  • Installation Data and instructions

Semi Plug and play system plugs into vehicle ignition harness. Plugging into the ignition harness eliminates the splicing on the heavy large gauge ignition wires. T-Harness speeds and simplifies the installation. A total of 7 required secondary and immobilizer connections are made after plugging in ignition t-harness. The included Idatalink by-pass module communicates with the vehicle to control all keyless entry, sliding doors and trunk/hatch release*.  Complete kit includes Connectors and wire ties.

System is available in 4 variations:

  • Single Button 1-Way (Unlock and Remote Start Only)
  • 4 Button 1-Way (Keyless Entry, Trunk/Hatch and Remote Start)
  • 4 Button LCD 2-Way (Keyless Entry, Trunk/Hatch and Remote Start)
  • Drone Mobile Compustar CM-7200 (Smart Phone Control, Keyless Entry, Trunk/Hatch and Remote Start

* Vehicle must have factory power accessories listed to be controlled.

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EVO-CHRT4 – Plug and Play Remote Start Kit for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Volkswagen 2008+ Tip-Start vehicles

The EVO-CHRT4 is the ultimate DIY Plug and play remote start solution. 3X lock remote starting is supported.

  • Activate remote start feature by locking the doors 3 times or press LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK with the *Existing OEM remote.
  • Add optional controllers for long range starting. (1 & 2 way or Smartphone controllers and also retain the ability to activate from *Existing OEM remotes)
  • Add Telematic Smartphone controller with ***MYCAR app.
  • Configured and flash programmed based on your selections for (**REMOVE FROM THE BOX AND PLUG IN INSTALLATION.)  Eliminates incorrect programming and configuration.
  • Requires no special tools or programmers ( Plug in connections that can be installed in minutes with basic hand tools.)
  • Includes Pre-Configured OEM Style T-Harness assembly and Flash Programmed EVO-ALL (Direct fit OEM Plugs)
  • All controllers plug directly into the T-Harness. (All controllers are plugged in before shipping to eliminate incorrect configuration.)
  • Includes wire ties and connectors. (Connectors not required on all applications.)
  • Use menu selections to input your vehicle for compatibility. ( If vehicle is not a selection the Item is not compatible.)
  • Select the controller of choice. (Select None for *Existing OEM remote activation only.)
  • Pricing and Product Information will be displayed.

*  No remote supplied uses Existing OEM REMOTES.

** Item fully assembled and install ready.

*** MYCAR app is a subscription service. (Click Here for MYCAR Information)

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