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Plug and Play Remote Starter Kit For Mitsubishi

All Plug and Play Remote Starters are Assembled Flash Programmed, Ready for Installation. WarmCarNow Plug and Play Remote Start kits are Assembled Enabling Most Installations to be Completed in 30-60 minutes.


         Correct flash and Option Programming will allow most vehicles to activate remote start using the OEM key-Fob. To activate remote start from your OEM Key-Fob press LOCK-LOCK-LOCK or LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK, Depending on Option Settings. 


        To complete the installation on select vehicles a Flash-Link Updater is required to run the Fortin Dcryptor process.  If  your vehicle requires a Flashlink Updater the Fortin Flashlink 4 Programmer will be included in your Plug and Play Remote Starter Kit.


         Links to the installation guides are included in most listing descriptions. Please preview install guides before purchase to determine difficulty level and requirements.

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